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Installing a ventilation system in a new-build home is costly. Many ventilation systems are noisy electricity-guzzling aggregates that risk causing unhealthy ventilation. LivingBetter has succeeded in creating sustainable ventilation for new builds.


Current building regulations require new housing to be very effectively insulated. The idea is to keep energy costs to an absolute minimum. We applaud that endeavour. Nevertheless, we know that today’s building envelopes are insulated all too well. One common solution is to install a mechanical ventilation system that provides each room with fresh air flow. A system of this type often has many disadvantages: New homeowners complain that:

Sadly, it is not easy to document all the disadvantages that homeowners typically complain about in connection with ventilation systems in new houses. However, most ventilation systems are noisier and costlier than LivingBetter’s sustainable ventilation system.

New house with no ventilation headaches

One of our customers is Jakobsen Huse, a company that builds standard design houses. Jakobsen Huse has built with LivingBetter for years because, like us, they are not prepared to compromise on sustainable ventilation or a healthy indoor climate.

“Our customers avoid having to replace filters and otherwise maintaining a ventilation system. Many people set great store by dispensing with the constant buzz of ventilation ducts.” – Maria Jakobsen, CEO, Jakobsen Huse.

Apart from dispensing with ducts and the buzz of air that some people find irritating, LivingBetter offers huge financial benefits. The inhabitants of Denmark’s first DGNB-accredited one family home, named Villa Grenaa, can look forward to extremely low-cost ventilation. Initially, the developer was concerned that ventilation would be a costly affair. Then he took a close look at the figures.

“Once we had all the calculations, it was a real no-brainer. The system itself, purchasing and operating costs are all cheaper.” – Dennis Friis Thaagaard.

Read more about Villa Grenaa here.


Our indoor climate solution is ideal not only for new builds. When ventilation windows are installed in an older house as part of a renovation project, the indoor climate changes completely. One of the most typical concerns voiced about renovating an older house, e.g. with new windows, is that the building will be too well insulated.

These concerns are not unreasonable. When old houses are renovated, there is often:

  • a poor indoor climate

  • heavy condensate on the inside of the windows

  • colonies of mould in corners and behind furniture

LivingBetter’s smart trickle valve windows provide old houses with a constant flow of fresh air and efficient air exchange. In connection with our indoor climate review, we advise our customers on the best choice of extractor fan for a bathroom or kitchen.

No matter which heat source an old house currently uses, its inhabitants will reap the benefits of LivingBetter. Even if the air passes directly to the outside via existing exhaust air outlets, with the LivingBetter solution, less heating is needed because the fresh air is conditioned on its way into the house.

Depending on the extent of energy renovation required, the homeowner may also be advised to install an extract air heat pump to boost the efficiency of the existing heating system.

See how our concept can be used in one family houses:


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