The LivingBetter product guarantee covers the following:
• Manufacturing errors in elements, glass and coatings during the guarantee period.

  • Damage caused in transit reported to LivingBetter Aps not later than five days after delivery.

The guarantee on products supplied by Horn-Group ApS does not cover the following:
Faulty installation, including:
• Elements fitted neither horizontally or vertically, and elements, whose diagonal measurements are not equal.

  • Elements not installed (fitted and secured) in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions for wood or wood/aluminium.
    • Elements installed solely using PU foam.
    • Ordinary servicing, such as lubrication, minor smoothing and hinge adjustment.
  • Replacement parts, such as hinges, locks, latches, sealing strips, etc., that have to be replaced due to wear and tear.
  • Moisture on the insides of windowpanes not caused by faults in the glass but explained by inadequate ventilation.
    • Moisture on the outsides of windowpanes that normally occurs on low-emissivity glazing, as this is simply a sign that the glazing works as intended.
    • Delaminated panels: cracked panels will normally be an insurance issue.

Deadlines for claims:
• Any claim regarding transportation damage and scratches in glass shall be lodged immediately after delivery. Please send photographic evidence when making your claim.
• Any claim regarding dirt and foreign bodies inside the panel shall be reported within one year of delivery. Please send photographic evidence when making your claim.
• Other claims shall be lodged within ten years of the order date. This applies only to orders delivered after 1/9-2013.

  • Faults and errors in connection with delivery shall be reported within five days of the delivery.

Maintenance and handing-over:

  • Remove construction dust and debris from sealing strips and hinges/latches.
  • Adjust opening window frames to ensure they open and close correctly.
  • Adjust hinges and latches to ensure correct friction and movement.
  • Lubricate moving parts (not frictional)) with an appropriate lubricant.
  • Remedy installation damage to coating before handing-over.
  • Maintain coating on a regular basis (depending on climate conditions). Chips and cracks shall be remedied without delay. Other surfaces shall be maintained as necessary and before weathering.
  • Small resin deposits may appear on elements. In time, small drops of resin on the surface crystallise. Brush gently to remove. If necessary, dab with white spirit.
  • When you have submitted your claim, we will send confirmation of receipt. Most claims are processed by an independent third party.
  • If your claim is established as unfounded, LivingBetter reserves the right to charge claims costs.


You are advised kindly to check the delivery against the approved order confirmation note. An incorrect delivery is defined as a delivery in which there is a discrepancy between the product delivery and the order confirmation note.


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