Thermo-sensitive valves provide fresh air – no power needed


– provide optimal natural ventilation all year round

Ordinary ventilation vents in windows are bad news for energy consumption. They allow small amounts of fresh air to enter your home via the window frame. In the Nordic region, this means that you spend more on heating your home because the air entering from the outside is cold. Alternatively, you keep the vents closed because you do not want chilly air getting in. The net result is that these air vents have very little or no ventilating effect.

Think about it: buildings lose a lot of heat via the windows.

LivingBetter’s valves solve both these problems.

In a ventilation window, the air valves at the top of the window frame control the flow of fresh air into your home. No power is needed. The air valves ensure that fresh air is conditioned before it enters your home. This means that the ventilation window saves on energy and neutralises some of the heat loss that normally occurs via windows.

A LivingBetter air valve requires no power connection. It is driven by a thermo-sensitive wax thermostat.


At the core of the valve is a temperature-sensitive wax encapsulated in a wax thermostat. When the temperature increases, the wax expands and exerts pressure on a small piston.

The technology has been used for years in the automotive industry. It is proven to provide a stable function. The wax thermostat requires no power connection. The windows therefore need no wiring. A wax thermostat is durable and noiseless. We offer a five-year guarantee on LivingBetter window vents.

Our air valves are key to our ventilation window and our complete energy and indoor climate solution. We supply the air vents as an integral part of our window design. Air valves are not available for retrofitting.

Our air valves can also be used in a French window or door if there is insufficient window area in the building.

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