A LivingBetter solution can provide any building with a constant flow of conditioned fresh air.


When you wish to provide a healthy indoor climate in a new build or renovation project, LivingBetter is the obvious choice. Finally free from poor indoor living conditions and there is no need to settle for a costly stop-gap solution.

In an attempt to create a healthy indoor climate, contractors commonly propose comprehensive ventilation systems. Conventional solutions require costly installation of a duct system through much of a building. And you have to add running costs on top of the cost of installation. Most ventilation and heating control systems consume much electricity.


A healthy indoor climate often requires a strong flow of fresh hair. A LivingBetter solution provides any building with a constant flow of conditioned fresh air. Ventilation windows condition fresh air and remove about 70 % of all micro particles without using electricity.

The ventilation window is the fresh air source. Fresh air flows up through the inner cavity of the ventilation window. A constant flow of fresh air through the window provides fresh air in the building, while a simple valve ensures that excess heat, humidity and CO2 can escape. Alternatively, the exhaust air can be diverted to a heat pump that recovers the energy to produce domestic hot water and warm water underfloor heating.


Danish Building Regulations require new buildings to have an insulated building envelope. This is positive. The intention is to reduce heating requirements to a minimum. However, it is a well-known fact that an insulated building element functions like a huge plastic bag.

Human occupation and other activities inside the building create humidity. In older buildings with old windows, air exchange is achieved though leaks and gaps. If you install new windows and improve the building envelope, you often find damp problems developing. To counteract damp, you may decide to install a costly ventilation system combined with solar panel solutions in an attempt to reduce energy consumption. By contrast, LivingBetter offers a unique opportunity to provide healthy ventilation at low cost.

LivingBetter guarantees a healthy indoor climate and low running costs at offices and residential properties

Over the years, we have helped innumerable contractors, advisers and architects to create the best possible indoor climate in new builds and renovation projects. The Danish Cancer Society’s headquarters in the Østerbro district of Copenhagen is a major renovation project. LivingBetter’s role is to ensure that the new workplace is a draught-free environment with a lower heating consumption than before. Meanwhile, the new windows shall restore the original look of the building, as the architect intended. As always, we are engaged as project consultants. We tailor a solution and provide a window design that meets the client’s precise needs and wishes. We are not obliged to use standard windows.

Read more about the project to renovate the Danish Cancer Society’s headquarters.

The fact is that standard design houses in particular face more indoor climate-related problems than ever before. Indoor climate has been a critical issue for decades. In the 1960s, standard design houses were extremely poorly insulated. Homeowners complained of draughts and steep energy bills. In recent years, things have changed as building regulations now address the need to insulate. However, well-insulated houses tend to develop a poor indoor climate.

Providers of standard design houses, like Jakobsen Huse, are now working with LivingBetter to offer new homeowners sustainable standard design houses that have both a healthy indoor climate and unprecedented low levels of consumption. Among Jakobsen Huse’s satisfied customers is Johannes Damsgaard-Bruhn. In his home, he can maintain a comfortable room temperature all year round – when outside temperatures plummet to 20 below zero in the winter and when he works in his home office in the attic on a scorching summer day.

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