Our unique concept makes it easier for you to maintain a healthy indoor climate


It is possible to create the world’s most sustainable ventilation. All you do is combine natural ventilation with heat recovery. We have developed Living Better, a complete ventilation solution that offers you all the benefits of natural and mechanical ventilation. Our unique concept makes it easier for you to maintain a healthy indoor climate.

Our natural ventilation solution is currently in use in:

  • Apartments

  • Terraced houses

  • One family homes

  • Public institutions and schools

  • And on many commercial premises too

Our take on natural ventilation provides super-optimised heat recovery and constant air exchange in every room.

How do we create natural ventilation?

The obvious way to create natural ventilation is to open the window. Opening one or more windows creates a draught through the building. Within a short time, you have aired every room. The problem is that not all of us air our homes with a through-draught. When we are busy, we tend to forget to throw open our windows. And sometimes we seek to avoid cold and unwelcome outdoor noise.

We have therefore developed a concept that gives you ventilation that is as close to nature as it is possible to achieve, bearing in mind today’s super-insulated houses. And guess what? You do not even have to open the windows!

In LivingBetter’s ventilation solution, a mechanical extractor fan produces negative pressure, which causes outside air to enter through our ventilation window. In the window panel, fresh air is conditioned as it slowly rises through the window panel before entering your home. The window filters out about 70 % of all micro particles, which fall to the bottom of the window, rather than enter your home. The window design cleans fresh air before it enters the building. If you have a heat pump installed, this draws the stale air and recycles the energy in it to heat service water and supplement your central heating system.


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