High-rise residential buildings
One family homes
Public institutions and schools
Office buildings and hotels

Ventilation systems are often costly stop-gap solutions

Many ventilation systems are the result of desperate attempts on the part of the construction industry to compensate for over-insulated modern housing.
There are better ways to resolve the problem.

LivingBetter benefits your health, your financial situation and the future of the planet.

LivingBetter is a thoroughly tried-and-tested solution that gives you the world’s best indoor climate.

  • Airs your apartment from top to bottom around the clock
  • Heats fresh air before it enters your home
  • Recovers heat energy and uses it to heat your floors and domestic hot water.

LivingBetter – healthy indoor climate, healthy business

We have learned from our experience of installing LivingBetter solutions that there is much to save on building and operating costs when you integrate our Ventilation Windows and LivingBetter solutions into new builds and refurbishment projects:


  • Replace the windows and use existing ventilation ducts

  • Free project planning aid – We help calculate air volumes and energy subsidies

  • Save space and get more residential square metres for your money

  • Reduce operating costs by at least 90%

  • A green and sustainable, low-noise solution

New Builds:

  • LivingBetter combines Ventilation Windows with exhaust air heat pumps

  • Heating, hot water and ventilation in one simple solution

  • Little ductwork needed

  • Very low energy consumption and low operating costs

  • LivingBetter – the market’s simplest and most cost-effective energy and indoor climate solution


The indoor climate affects us more than we think because we spend much of our lives indoors

Thousands of professional and private customers enjoy the benefits of LivingBetter

LivingBetter already supplies a healthy indoor climate at schools, public institutions, canteens, housing association properties, hotels and in private homes. Find inspirational ideas for your next project: Check out our track record!

More endorsements here


On the coldest day of the year, it was 24 °C inside our house. The acoustics are music to our ears. We have much less noise from our ventilation than I find in other houses.

Johannes Damsgaard-Bruhn, new homeowner

We receive positive responses regarding light, and no-one ever complains about draughts from the offices that have new windows. Great. It’s great too that our passive indoor climate solution is a Danish concept.

Finnur Dam, Head of Operations, Kræftens Bekæmpelse (The Danish Cancer Society)

We were afraid that what we wanted would be too expensive. But once we had all the calculations, it was a real no-brainer. The system itself, purchasing and operating costs are all cheaper.

Dennis Thaagaard, new homeowner

We dreaded low ceiling heights and feared we would get a noisy ventilation system. We are therefore positively surprised to find that this solution is discreet and efficient.

Bjarn G. Pedersen, Chair, Andelsboligforeningen Thomas Laubs Gade 5-9 (housing cooperative)


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