LivingBetter solutions create a healthy indoor climate in office buildings and hotels


Offices are often dogged by a poor indoor climate. The causes are legion. Some can be attenuated, others eliminated entirely. Ask LivingBetter.

  • Draughts

  • Cold

  • Too hot

  • Noisy colleagues

  • Noise in the office environment


Decades ago, small offices were plagued by a lack of fresh air and inadequate air exchange. Modern office environments are often one large space – with few doors. The problem here is noise.

There are many sources of noise in an open office space. You and your colleagues can do nothing about this. LivingBetter can. We can ensure that the noise never comes from a ventilation system installed to provide a healthy indoor climate at the office facility.

In a worst-case scenario, a typical office ventilation system can cause conflict between the property’s users and those responsible for running it. A regular flow of fresh air is blown into the office space. When an employee finds that an air intake is noisy and creates a draught, the solution is often in some way to block the ventilation intake. Ventilation systems are not designed to be blocked off in this way. 

A “blind alley” in the metal ducts is a pocket that attracts dust and condensation. These are excellent conditions for mould and mildew to grow and spread via the duct system to the rest of the office space.

Similarly, many office ventilation systems are not equipped to cope with users’ attempts to ventilate by opening the windows. Although an open window immediately lowers the indoor temperature, it also exacerbates ventilation system inefficiency.


LivingBetter is currently making headway as the ventilation system of choice in offices. Our solution is the flexible alternative that users and property administrators have been calling for. Like us, they believe that it should be possible to get fresh air and maintain a comfortable room temperature without having to cope with noise from the street and neighbouring properties.

Our ventilation windows allow air to pass through the cavity between the panes. Windows facing busy roads filter out particles. Air entering the building is particle-free. The triple-glazed windows also have a noise-reducing effect.

You can safely open the windows if you need to. Nevertheless, most users find that they receive an ample supply of fresh air without opening windows, which means that they avoid having to choose between an overheated office and a lack of concentration due to traffic noise.

Ductless ventilation. The mandatory exhaust air outlets take care of air exchange in the office space. However, it is also possible to install a supplementary central, indoor exhaust air heat pump that sucks in stale exhaust air and recovers heat from it. Recovered heat can be used to heat the office or provide hot water.


Installing new windows in an older office building can cause problems. It is possible to give the occupants in a beautiful old office building a healthy indoor climate but this is often achieved by sacrificing the original architectural design. LivingBetter has a much better solution.

Based on original architectural drawings, we help to recreate the original design expression and ensure efficient ventilation and air exchange. For example, we helped the Danish Cancer Society to replace, draughty old windows – with poor daylight ingress – with modern windows that pay homage to Architect Kay Otto Fisker’s original architectural design.

The new windows blend seamlessly into the Finsens Institute property that was built in 1896. In terms of function, the windows are the perfect match for a modern workplace which has a computer on every desk and therefore a need for efficient ventilation.

A ventilation solution that gives you more floors and more space

Our ventilation solution not only provides optimal office ventilation. It is a cost-saving solution that is ideal for property developers everywhere. In new high-rise properties, the architect has to reserve a great deal of space for HVAC system ductwork that ventilates every room. You can save this space.

If you build high enough, you can exploit saved ceiling space to add extra floors to your building or you can give your property an exclusive touch by giving every room on every floor greater ceiling height. This means that you can choose between a higher lease income or giving your tenants’ homes a more exclusive feel.

At their new hotel, GO HOTEL COPENHAGEN, the GO HOTELS chain could establish an extra double room on each floor – because they chose our ventilation solution. Extra income from a higher occupation rate comes on top of the savings achieved on both installation and operating costs.

The LivingBetter ventilation solution includes heat recovery to provide hot water for hotel bathrooms. The hotel chain then transferred their positive experience from the new build project to a renovation project in an older hotel building.

See examples of LivingBetter solutions in operation:

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