Project Description


Fitting of Ventilation Windows, Type 2000, wood/aluminium in new-build bungalow, about 180 m2


  • Architect/developer: EEN TIL EEN Arkitektur og Byggeri

  • New-build bungalow, approx. 180 m2, built to meet BR15 in 2016/17

  • Product: Type 2000 Ventilation Windows, wood/aluminium

  • Exhaust air outlet: Domestic hot water pump

  • Heating: Electrical underfloor heating

In The Biological House, architects EEN TIL EEN really have made their mark. They show just how great a modern structure can look and function when it includes a panoply of sustainable materials and solutions.

LivingBetter is a key feature in EEN TIL EEN’s concept, for which reason the studio chose us also for the Biological House.

Discover the Biological House

The Biological House is a Danish sustainable house concept that aims to produce high-quality structures using biological residues from the agricultural sector. This project processes materials currently incinerated to produce energy. Agricultural biproducts from the production of grass, straw, seaweed and eelgrass , etc. are used to make sustainable building materials.

The concept applies Cradle-to-Cradle principles, new digital production technologies and upcycled materials in order to develop a modern, organic house of superior architectonic value. The Biological House is a competitive, modular housing concept

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Thanks to LivingBetter, many properties and housing units already enjoy the benefits of a healthy indoor climate and low running costs.
We list some of them here. We hope you will be inspired by them to include LivingBetter in your renovation or new build project.


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