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Residents giving very positive feedback


Frederikshavn Housing Association (Denmark) chose a LivingBetter solution and gave residents at Farvervej in Sæby a healthy indoor climate without radically renovating their homes. Residents are delighted with the solution.

Frederikshavn Housing Association recently announced their intention to invest in EU-financed, energy-saving and indoor climate initiatives in more than 2,000 residential housing units. Fourteen departments are included in future projects.

The project includes LivingBetter solutions. In the initial project, ventilation windows were installed in units at Farvervej in Sæby.

More projects in the pipeline

The ventilation window has a patented thermostatic valve that requires no power connection or complex installation. Negative pressure in the housing unit is maintained by humidistat extractor fans in the kitchen and bathroom. The fans create a constant background air exchange that is boosted automatically in response to activity. The LivingBetter ventilation solution that includes the ventilation windows is calculated to meet the applicable minimum ventilation rate of 0.3 l/m2/h. In similar renovation projects, Danish Technological Institute has shown that, thanks to effective recovery via ventilation windows, it is often not financially viable to take any further measures to recover energy.

Frederikshavn Housing Association expects to launch future projects including LivingBetter’s ventilation window, the development of which was EU-subsidised. A new electronically controlled version of the ventilation window has been chosen for some of these projects. Electronic control allows for the establishment of zonal ventilation and coordination with other energy solutions in the residential unit. Ultimately, the fully optimised indoor climate solution will record and deliver specific data about temperature, humidity, VOC solvent emissions and energy consumption in the housing units.

In addition to housing associations across Denmark, LivingBetter is also the supplier of choice for private homeowners, office property owners, institutions and schools.

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Thanks to LivingBetter, many properties and housing units already enjoy the benefits of a healthy indoor climate and low running costs.
We list some of them here. We hope you will be inspired by them to include LivingBetter in your renovation or new build project.


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