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One extra double room on each floor


GO HOTELS wished to give two new hotels at Kastrup and Sundby in the Greater Copenhagen Area a green profile. The hotel chain chose LivingBetter as part of their unique energy and indoor climate solution and enjoy the added benefit of an extra double room on each floor.

Miami Arkitekter designed these two new GO HOTELS. LivingBetter worked closely with professional contractors Københavns VVS and heat pump manufacturer IKM A/S to deliver a complete energy and indoor climate solution for each new hotel. GO HOTEL COPENHAGEN in Kastrup has recently opened. At a central location in metropolitan Copenhagen, GO HOTEL CITY is undergoing renovation work. Mr. Aage Nielsen, CEO at Københavns VVS, is the contractor responsible for the project.

“The developer wished to give both hotels a green profile. GO HOTELS gave us free rein to find an efficient solution. We chose The LivingBetter concept and IKM.”

Exploits solar energy – a force of nature

Aage Nielsen claims that, during their cooperation on this project, the parties effectively adapted the LivingBetter concept and made it ideal for hotel operations. The solution ensures that fresh air is conditioned as it passes through the ventilation windows’ double-glazing panels and thermostatic control system. The partnership installed ventilation windows in every guest room and several other functional rooms at the hotel. The solution exploits natural solar energy to the extent that the ventilation windows add significant energy and are an integral part of the indoor climate solution. Moreover, heat emanating from the hotel guests staying in the room is recovered to heat water and the rooms on demand.

Danish IKM A/S supplies the exhaust air heat pumps. These are installed in the basement along with other plumbing and heating installations. Exhaust air is extracted from the hotel bathrooms. The heat pump fans create air exchange and exploit energy in the exhaust air to provide hot water and heating. This highly effective ventilation solution is achieved using only one exhaust air duct instead of the conventional two.

Space for more double rooms

When it became clear that intake ducts were not required, there was more space available in the building. Construction costs were cheaper. Running costs are now also lower than projected. The extra space has been used to create one extra double room on each floor – and therefore increased hotel income.

The developer then expressed a desire to incorporate lessons learned from the first new hotel at Tårnby to the GO HOTEL CITY project on Lergravsvej in Central Copenhagen. GO HOTEL CITY is under renovation. Here too, ventilation windows supply conditioned fresh air and IKMs exhaust air heat pumps ventilate and produce hot water. Less ventilation ducting simplifies the construction process and cuts both construction and running costs.

Energy-efficient technology

This is the first time that LivingBetter is the supplier of choice in a hotel construction project. This project confirms that the LivingBetter concept has enormous potential in every type of construction project. Word has spread far and wide! Thanks to the availability of comprehensive documentation, LivingBetter is mentioned in Danish Building Research Institute instructions no. 213 Energy demand in buildings. Consultants and advisers are acquainted with the energy-saving benefits of LivingBetter solutions and can easily include our solutions in the energy frame of new building projects. As a result, LivingBetter is now regularly chosen as an element in housing associations’ standardised design and renovation projects. LivingBetter attracted international attention when it was nominated for a German energy efficiency award in 2018.

LivingBetter solutions are based on patented technology. Our solution is tested by Fraunhofer Institute in Munich, Germany and documented by Aalborg University in Denmark. The ventilation window has unique conditioning and cooling properties that can be included in any building’s energy frame calculations. LivingBetter’s solution meets all applicable requirements with regard to energy frame and ventilation in all types of buildings.

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Thanks to LivingBetter, many properties and housing units already enjoy the benefits of a healthy indoor climate and low running costs.
We list some of them here. We hope you will be inspired by them to include LivingBetter in your renovation or new build project.


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