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The Danish Cancer Society now has new, energy-saving windows 


The historical Finsen’s Institute property has new windows that reflect the architect Kay Otto Fisker’s original design. The Danish Cancer Society opted for a LivingBetter solution and ventilation windows that pay homage to the architecture.

In 2019, The Danish Cancer Society set about righting an architectural wrong and remedying severe indoor climate problems at the society’s headquarters in the Østerbro district of Copenhagen. Window replacement was necessary on two office floors. The effect on these old buildings is striking.

“Draughty old windows and extremely high heating bills were just two of the issues we have struggled with for many years. Every time we adjust part of the heating system, other parts are affected so running these old buildings is challenging,” explains Finnur Dam, Operations Manager at The Danish Cancer Society.

The windows will be replaced gradually over the course of several years. While the society’s primary purpose is to collect funding for research, prevention and patient support, it is also important that the employees have a healthy work climate.

“We received positive responses regarding light ingress, and no-one ever complains about draughts from the offices that have new windows. Great. It’s great too that our passive indoor climate solution is a Danish , concept, says Finnur Dam.

Minimises heat loss

Like other modern windows, ventilation windows are triple-glazed, to minimise direct heat loss. The unique system in our ventilation windows ensures that less energy is required to heat the fresh air that enters the building through them. When the fresh air enters the window, stale, moist air escapes through the building’s existing exhaust air ducts. The Danish Cancer Society saved the cost of installing a mechanical ventilation system with comprehensive ductwork and high running costs.

The ventilation window is included in many renovation projects – in office buildings, at schools and in residential housing across Denmark. LivingBetter has also developed a complete energy and indoor climate system that makes it possible to recover energy from the indoor air and convert that energy into heat.

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Thanks to LivingBetter, many properties and housing units already enjoy the benefits of a healthy indoor climate and low running costs.
We list some of them here. We hope you will be inspired by them to include LivingBetter in your renovation or new build project.


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