Yes. Absolutely. Aalborg University has devised software to calculate the effect of the ventilation window in a new build.

We also have documentation to prove that the ventilation window has no downside. FORCE Technology studied air pollution and Danish Technology Institute studied occupants’ experience of draughts. Both studies revealed that the ventilation window gives no cause for concern. See also “Will I find that ventilation windows cause draughts?” and “Is there a risk that polluted air can seep in through the window?” (above).

Documentation is imperative in a new build, where we are required to meet the relevant building regulations. In renovation projects, the developer’s hands are not tied as much as in a new build. The goal here is usually to improve residents’ well-being and experience of a healthy indoor climate. To achieve these objectives, the developer may choose to install ventilation windows.

Several recognised institutes have documented the ventilation windows’ effect on light transparency, U values, energy balance (E ref), air volumes, heat transfer, energy effect, noise attenuation, self-filtering of micro particles and NOx, etc.

Two students of engineering at DTU (Technical University of Denmark), analysed LivingBetter’s life cycle and compared it with a popular ventilation system. They found that LivingBetter is second to none in the sustainable ventilation category.